Restoration Coating

Restoration Coatings

Restoration coatings are specifically formulated as liquid waterproofers, and are an economical option to extending the service life of a roof.

CPR Base

Highly rubberized base coat that adheres to older, aged metal roofs to bridge hairline cracks, maintaining a continuous film of protection.

CPR Seam Sealer BG and TG

Synthetic liquid rubber, solvent-based restoration coating that bridges gaps in metal roofs, walls and problem areas such as gutters, expansion joints, etc. Available in brush grade (BG) and trowel grade (TG).

CPR White Coating

Highly reflective, liquid rubber restoration coating provides excellent protection against UV and deterioration for metal roofs and walls with unusual geometric designs.

Energizer BK

Asphalt/coal tar blended restoration coating provides natural resistance to moisture, chemicals, UV and aging.

Energizer K Plus FR

Asphaltic, fire resistant, KEVLAR reinforced restoration coating adds increased tensile strength, UV cracking resistance, superior sag resistance and fire resistance.

Energizer LO

Asphalt/polyurethane blended, low odor restoration coating that cures much faster than traditional asphalt coatings.


Water-based, low-odor, asphaltic emulsion restoration coating utilizing fibers for added strength.


Asphaltic, liquid waterproofing membrane can provide an additional 10 years of protection to asphaltic smooth or mineral modified bitumen and smooth built-up roofs.

Revitalizer Metal

Asphaltic waterproofing membrane designed to restore through-fastened metal systems.


Asphaltic coating designed to restore asphalt roof systems or provide a flood coat for new roof systems.


Emergency leak repair material for use during wet weather.


Highly reflective, urethane liquid waterproofing membrane with excellent resistance to chemicals and ponding water.

White-Knight Plus/ White-K…

Aliphatic urethane serves as initial layer of a White-Knight Plus system to provide superior adhesion and additional waterproofing.

White-Knight Plus/White-Kn…

ENERGY-STAR certified, single component, aliphatic urethane waterproofing membrane that will not chalk or fade over time, maintaining its reflectivity longer.