Residential Projects

Roof Replacement


After years of use, this well weathered single family home was in need of a fresh new roof. Once we removed the old roofing materials, we inspected the plywood decking, added fasteners, and replaced the rotted wood sections. Afterwards, we rolled out the underlayment, which would provide a layer of waterproofing between the plywood and shingles. Next, we installed the drip edge, new pipe flashing, and ridge vent. Then it was ready for the most visible layer, the shingles. The owners chose a sleek slate grey shingle to complement the existing paint color, ending with a clean new look, as shown in the finished photos below.
Roof replacement on Mill Branch Road 1
Roof replacement on Mill Branch Road 2
Roof replacement on Mill Branch Road 3
Roof replacement on Mill Branch Road 4

Roof Replacement


The winding roads lined with heritage oaks, seven area lakes, local wildlife and fauna make up a lovely backdrop for this single family ranch style house. The owners worked closely with us to decide how we would re-roof their home, especially in the early planning stages, and expressed their concern over meeting a tight timetable. The end result of that planning was a concise outline of what quality GAF certified materials we would use, how much we would use, exactly how much they would cost, and how long it would take to do the job. Once everything was delivered, we removed the old shingles, boots, vents and other materials, and disposed of the resulting debris. After inspecting and repairing the underlying decking, we put in the new underlayment, vents, edges, and boots. The owners chose “Birchwood” colored shingles, which we installed, giving the new roof a grey tone that matched the existing brick and coral colored paint exterior of the house. And we met the deadline with time to spare.
Folkstone Road 1
Folkstone Road 2
Folkstone Road 3
Folkstone Road 4

Roof Replacement


The distinctive elegance of this Mediterranean styled home was slightly marred by the years of wear and tear reflected on the red Roman tile roof and underlying woodwork. Since much of the tile was still usable, we removed and stacked it neatly on the upper porch to enable us to inspect and repair the decking underneath. After replacing or repairing the damaged tiles, decking, wood furring, weatherproofing, flashing, and stucco, we reset the tiles on the roof, intermixing the new and the old to create a pleasing visual arpeggio.
Rose Hill Drive 1
Rose Hill Drive 4
Rose Hill Drive 3
Rose Hill Drive 2

Roof Replacement


Homeowners of this duplex with intersecting gables had found a buyer for their home, but it needed a quick re-roofing to meet the terms of the sale. We were able to demo the existing roof, make the needed repairs to the substrate, and re-roof it in a timely manner that allowed them to make their sale deadline.
Camelliawood Circle 2
Camelliawood Circle 3
Camelliawood Circle 4

Tile Roof Repair


Located in Bobbins Trace, a luxury neighborhood that offers access to the city’s best schools, stores, and restaurants, this home needed repairs on two tiled sections and the flat roof that connected the two. We repaired the roof, leaving the house as beautiful as its verdant surroundings.

Miller Bridge Road 1
Miller Bridge Road 2
Miller Bridge Road 3
Miller Bridge Road 4

Roof Replacement


One of a row of townhouses located in walking distance of a scenic local prairie lake, this townhouse had a leaking roof that needed to be replaced to avoid further water damage. To that end, we removed the existing shingles and underlayment. Then we had access to and repaired the damaged decking. The final phase was to put down new underlayment, flashing, hardy-board siding, and grey architectural shingles to match the building’s new grey and white color scheme.
Blind Brook Ct 1
Blind Brook Ct 2

Chimney Flashing Repair


After a roof replacement done by another company, the homeowners discovered their new roof was leaking. They called in three separate contractors to find the problem before they called our company. We were happy to be able to find the leak – the flashing at the base of the chimney. We installed a new copper flashing system, applied a clear Garland waterproofing to the brink, and coated the chimney cap with Garland silicone. And, because so many contractors had come in repaired it, we extended them 5 year craftsmanship warranty.
Frank Shaw Road 2
Frank Shaw Road 3
Frank Shaw Road 4

Chimney Repair


As this case illustrates, incorrect flashing installation is often the cause of leaks on roofs with chimneys. The company that put in the original flashing on this house did not do it correctly, which left an expansion and contraction process that permitted filtration when it rained. We remedied the situation by removing the old flashing system and reinstalling a new one with the proper waterproofing products that would allow it to expand and contract with the seasons, and maintain a tight seal against water filtration.
West Millarbridge Road 2
West Millarbridge Road 3
West Millarbridge Road 4

Roof Replacement


Time and the weather had taken their toll on this ranch house, leaving the roof with considerable damage. We pulled off the old roof, repaired damaged decking underneath, and put in a new roof using a 2-ply GAF self-adherent rolled roofing system. Once we were done, everything was right and tight again, and ready for the next rain storm.

Rustic Drive 1
Rustic Drive 3
Rustic Drive 4
Rustic Drive 2

Pipe Flashing Repair


This beautiful classic colonial home had aged very gracefully, but had a few water filtration issues thanks to some old plumbing stacks in the roof that the squirrels had helped along. We removed all the damaged lead plumbing stacks and, In its place, we installed premium metal flashing with neoprene seals. The end result was completely waterproof and left the squirrels with years of work ahead of them to get the stacks back in that shape again.
West Bridge Road 1
West Bridge Road 2
West Bridge Road 3
West Bridge Road 4
West Bridge Road 5
West Bridge Road 6
West Bridge Road 7
West Bridge Road 8

Roof Replacement


A line of southern pine trees provided the perfect backdrop for this single story Spanish Ranch style house that needed a roof inspection. Once we met the homeowner and completed their roof inspection, we determined they needed a full roof replacement. In their case, this involved removal of the existing shingles, inspection of the plywood decking, re-nailing the existing decking in good condition and replacing the sections in bad condition. Then, installing new drip edge, flashing and the finishing touch – the shingles. Once we finished with the cleanup, the house was as beautiful as the landscape that surrounds it.
Hawks Landing 1
Hawks Landing 2
Hawks Landing 3

Roof Replacement and Maintenance


The land where these buildings are located was originally a plantation established in 1840, and is currently a working farm and game preserve. When we went to do the original inspection, we were surprised by the 12,000+ acres of lush forests, lakes, and indigenous flora surrounding the property. It was astoundingly peaceful and picturesque, and the only thing marring its beauty were a handful of buildings with old roofs that needed replacing or maintenance. On the main horse barn, once we removed the existing roofing, we inspected the decking, replaced the damaged sections, installed an underlayment, drip edge, pipe boots, ridge vents, eve metal, architectural shingles, and safety tie offs. The gradient toned green shingles the customer chose were the perfect shade to complement the verdant surroundings. There was also an office building a additional storage shed, and gate that needed maintenance, which we were happy to take care of as well.
Plantation 1
Plantation 2
Plantation 3
Plantation 4
Plantation 5
Plantation 6
Plantation 7
Plantation 8