Tile WarrantyOne Piece Claylite

ClayLite Mission S Tile is designed specifically for the reroof market, weighing less than 600 pounds per square, and do not typically require structural reinforcement. ClayLite offers the superior performance, esthetics, and kiln-fired color pallets with as much as 40% less weight.


  • Lightweight design for reroof applications
  • Long-term beauty and durability of clay tile
  • Energy Star and Cool Roof rated
  • Will not fade over time
  • Class A Fire rated
  • Sustainable Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified
Chapparral Blend Claylite

Chapparral Blend

Corona De Oro Claylite

Corona De Oro

Java Blend Claylite

Java Blend

Merlot Blend Claylite

Merlot Blend

Terracotta Claylite


Viejo Blend Claylite

Viejo Blend