Why Have a Comprehensive Roof Diagnostic?

Annual roof inspections are key to preventing major issues before they start. However, many people do not call for an inspection until they notice leaks, or other issues, which indicate there is a more serious underlying problem. Allowing damage to progress to the extent they are noticeable makes repairs more complex and can cause serious water damage and mold remediation issues that could have otherwise been avoided. Below are a few of the most common things we find when we do an inspection:

Damage from Routine Maintenance

Roof damage can result from routine maintenance on air conditioners and other building systems. For example, we recently repaired water damage caused from an errant foot that went through a section of ductwork, which had allowed condensation to drain through the hole and onto the ceiling. A roof inspection will easily reveal these sorts of issues and we can recommend repairs to remedy them before they cause damage.

Storm Damage

High winds can blow off shingles and break off limbs of trees and blow other debris into roofs. Hail can chip away at shingles, causing the protective coating to wear away, and breaking them so that they do not shed water properly. These, and other weather conditions, can cause water filtration and other storm damage that can be expensive to repair. These leaks are often symptoms of rotting wood, mold, or wet insulation, and other serious underlying roof problems that have been developing for some time.

Drainage Issues

Filtration issues often result when debris like leaves and trash clog roof drains and block them from draining properly. Since gutters and drains are often out of sight, people do not realize they need to be cleaned and, consequently, can lead to serious long-term consequences.

Warranty Repairs

Many different conditions cause roof damage. Some are covered under a roof warranty, others are not, and none of them are covered if the warranty period is over. We can perform roof assessment, determine whether you should file a warranty claim, and help you through the process. Keep in mind that a regular roof inspection and maintenance is often required under the warranty terms and conditions, and not doing so can render you ineligible for warranty coverage.

Inspection Process

Our qualified roof inspectors personally go to each location to identify, photograph, and document problems in the above and other areas. The roofing expertise of our inspectors helps them find obvious, and not-so-obvious, roof deficiencies that could cause significant problems if allowed to worsen. Once the inspectors finish the diagnostic assessment, a report with the information is then compiled; as well as recommending maintenance procedures to repair the issues and stop further roof deterioration. The report will also provide an estimated cost of these recommended roof repairs and a timeframe in which they can be completed.

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