New Roof

Camelliawood Cir - Tallahassee, FL

They were in need of a quick roof for the sale of their house and we were able to do that in a timely manner that allowed them to make their sale on time.

Tile Project and Repairs

Miller Bridge Rd - Tallahassee, FL

They needed someone to do custom tile work and replace a flat roof connecting the two roofing systems.

Roof Replacement

Blind Brook Ct - Tallahassee, FL

This townhouse had a leaking roof that needed to be redone with new shingling, flashing and hardyboard siding.

Chimney Flashing Repair

Frank Shaw Road - Tallahassee, FL

Customer had a new roof and three other contractors came in to inspect a leak, we reflashed with copper, waterproofed the brink with a clear Garland waterproofed, and coated the chimney cap with a Garland silicone. Because so many contractors had come in repaired it, we extended them 5 year craftmanship warranty.

Chimney Repair

West Millarbridge Road - Tallahassee, FL

The flashing on the chimney was originally installed incorrectly, causing expansion and contraction letting water through.

New Roof

Shadeville Road - Crawfordville, GA

Traditional roof replacement done due to age done with GAF architectural roof shingle that meets class one hurricane wind rating.

Roof Repair

Rustic Drive - Tallahassee, FL

We repaired the deck structure from rotted wood by totally resheeting it and installed a 2-ply GAF self-adherent rolled roofing system. We also replaced all the windows on the building for waterproofing.

Pipe Flashing

West Bridge Road - Tallahassee, FL

We removed all the old lead plumbing stacks which had been damaged by squirrels and age. In its place, we installed premium metal flashing with neoprene seals.