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4 Causes of Water Damage to Your home

Homeowners should be aware of the numerous threats to protect your home against. As a Tallahassee Roofing Contractor, we see water damage is the most frequent of them all. It is difficult to imagine our homes being punished by the elements but it happens often, which is why we recommend that you are prepared for when it does. Here are a few of the most common causes that water damage can bring to your home, and possibly require water restoration services.

  1. Dishwasher
    Dishwashers without a proper seal can cause water damage. For instance, a broken latch, or if the wrong soap was added. Address any leaks from your dishwasher immediately, and have it repaired or replaced (if necessary) to avoid damage and costly repairs to your kitchen.
  2. Leaking Roof
    Water entering through your roof can cause many problems including ceiling damage, water stains, mold, and even rot the support beams which weakens the structural integrity and safety. We recommend a visual roofing inspection twice per year, preferably by a Tallahassee Roof Repair expert who knows what to look for and can safely access your roof.
  3. Washing Machine
    Perform routine checks on your washing machine, looking beneath and behind the unit. Ensure that all fittings are fastened securely, and the underbelly isnt leaking water from beneath the unit. If you own an older unit that is frequently giving you issues, you may want to consider replacing it.
  4. Air Conditioner
    A/C units remove moisture from within the air, and often times that moisture accumulates within the unit itself. Water can slowly leak into your home when its not draining properly, potentially destroying your carpet, flooring, drywall, and lead to mold formation. Follow the regular service dates (at least once per year) for your A/C unit to ensure that its functioning properly.

If you have recently experienced any of the above scenarios and have water damage to your home, call Space Age Roofing today at (850) 290-7757 to schedule an inspection. We provide services for windows replacement and roofing maintenance in Tallahassee, Thomasville, and the surrounding areas.

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February 28, 2019
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