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Reflective Coatings

Reflective coatings enhance the appearance of roofs while also extending the service life by protecting against UV degradation. Reflective coatings also increase energy savings by keeping buildings cool and decreasing air-conditioning costs.


ENERGY-STAR certified, highly reflective, asphaltic aluminum finished, UV-resistant roof coating.
Space Age Roofing Images


White, water-based, non-toxic, ENERGY STAR-qualified coating extends the life cycle of the roof by preventing aging and deterioration due to UV damage.
Space Age Roofing Images

Pyramic Base Coat

Gray tinted acrylic coating used as a base coat underneath Pyramic topcoat.

Space Age Roofing Images

Rust-Go VOC Top Coat

Environmentally friendly acrylic roof and wall coating that protects interior and exterior metal surfaces from corrosion and premature aging.
Space Age Roofing Images


Highly reflective, aluminum coating that can reduce roof temperatures by 15 degrees, reducing energy costs.
Space Age Roofing Images


White, Kynar Aquatec-based roof coating that maintains solar reflectance values greater than 0.85 for many years.
Space Age Roofing Images
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