Concrete Flat Roof Repair

The Center of Tallahassee - North Monroe St - Tallahassee, FL

The Center, once a local mall, underwent renovations recently and is now a semi-enclosed shopping center and entertainment venue. Part of those renovations included repairing leaks and other age related roof damage found throughout the complex, as well as repairing wall systems. We were happy to take care of this for them. The wall repairs, seen in the photos, included removal of all expansion joint sealant, cleaning the joints out, installing backing rod for expansion, and tooling in the new 20 year sealant. This was a challenging job, since we had to alternate colors to maintain the integrity of the painted murals, but we were happy with the results.

Concrete Flat Roof Repair

McDonalds - 1st Avenue - Moultrie, GA

This branch of the well-known fast food franchise needed sections of its roof repaired and its drain system refurbished. We removed damaged portions of the flat roof, replaced them with new, applied sealant, installed new drain inserts, and installed new field sheets as required to finish out the repairs.

Metal Roof Flashing Repair

West Tennessee St - Tallahassee, FL

Located near two area universities, this used cars dealership had a filtration problem along the roof facing side of the entrance wall. We removed the damaged flashing and other damaged materials, installed new flashing, and applied sealant to ensure a waterproof moisture barrier in that section of the wall.

Concrete Flat Roof Repair

Toyota Legacy - West Tennessee St - Tallahassee, FL

The Toyota dealership was another building with drainage and filtration issues. We removed the old drain covers and other affected materials, replaced them with new ones, applied roll on waterproofing agent, and installed new drain covers

Metal Roof Repair

Oak Valley Shopping Center - North Monroe St - Tallahassee FL

Home of several shops, restaurants and a local area library branch, this shopping center needed metal roof repairs. We applied trim caulk sealant to stop the water filtration throughout this area.

Ghazvini Center for Healthcare Education

TCC's Ghazvini Center for Healthcare Education is a learning space devoted to a variety of medical fields. The building sustained damage to the soffit system during hurricane Michael, and we were called in to assess the situation. Once we were finished and determined what needed to be done, we set to work. First, we removed the existing roofing materials, including the roof trim, metal edge, soffit trim, and cleats. After cleaning away the debris, we inspected the substrate to determine the depth of the wind and water damage there, and found that we would need to replace the sub-framing, which we did, providing a strong base to attach the new gutter. Since the measurements were not standard sized, we made and installed custom metal trim, in addition to the standard soffit trim, rake cleats, and edge metal. Finishing the paint touch up, and clean up, we left the building as good as new and ready to weather the next storm.